Dr. Nosakhere Thomas, PhD, DMin, MBA, CHN
Mindfulness Coach | Spiritual Counselor | Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Dr. Nos is the founder of Dr. Nos Coaching & Consulting, LLC. He has been trained in educational leadership, spirituality, mindfulness, and holistic nutrition. Over the years, he has helped thousands to achieve freedom from stress and anxiety to enjoy living a life of peace, purpose, joy, fulfillment, and gratitude, through the practice of Christian mindfulness, spirituality, and a holistic lifestyle. 

Jerome C. Crichton, PhD, DMin
Pastor, Psychologist, Professor  
New York, New York 

"Dr. Nos is a high-caliber intellect with integrity, an indomitable spirit, admirable work ethic, and spiritual sensibilities. I can't say enough about the care and concern that he has always exhibited toward people irrespective of their station or status in life. In addition to coaching me, I have witnessed his ability to transform lives through his inspirational instruction."

 Victor Joseph, DDS

Southern California 

"Dr. Nos is an anointed Man of God, operating in a number of the gifts of the Spirit. Among them, discernment, teaching, prophecy, pastoral, and the apostolic. Through his coaching and instruction, I have been able to more closely see and appreciate the presence, power, and purpose of God operating in my life. As a result of his Holy Noticing instruction, I have become more patient, understanding, self-reflective, sensitive to the Spirit, and the move of God moment by moment. He has a refreshing way of teaching that conveys God and interprets the Bible in the most practical and relevant manner. His instruction will bless you."

Jake Capraro, MA
Day School Instructor

" After Dr. Nos’s course, my blood pressure dropped and has remained in the healthy range, I have been promoted and have been headhunted by other institutions, I am more satisfied with my work and home life, and I navigate each day with a positive attitude. Once I got started in the course, I came to realize how little I knew about the space around me and the power of my own mind. I did not know that I needed transforming, but his course opened my eyes (and mind) to the reality that I could take control of my life. He has a calm and sincere tone, matched with genuine concern for his students. I participated in group sessions due to the course structure, but I never felt disconnected. Dr. Nos personalized each session to the course material and to our individual needs. I always felt refreshed after each session. Out of all of the courses I had taken prior, Dr. Nos’s course was the most impactful and most important course. I would highly recommend taking any course or coaching opportunity he has available."

Michelle Meade, MA
Human Resource Administrator

"When I started in Dr. Nos’s course, I was looking for something to give my life meaning. He taught me mindfulness skills which have had immeasurable positive impact on family, profession, and academic career. His course in mindfulness set me up for success and prepared me for success as a scholar and professional. Many of my goals could never have been reached without his influence. I most appreciated Dr. Thomas's mindful approach to teaching the mindfulness course. Through his approach, I was able to deepen my self-insight and learn about my holistic self. He taught me to be present in my life and appreciate what was happening in the moment. If you have the chance to learn from or work with Dr. Thomas, do not pass it up! He is truly interested the wellbeing and success of those around him. He brings a sense of calm and caring to all of his interactions."

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