Pre-Marital Coaching

Let us help you prepare for an incredible life journey of love, communication, spirituality, shared values, happiness, and compatibility.

After the excitement of the wedding, we have discovered that reality sets in and the fun and fascination fizzles out. However, we are committed to ensuring that you find and retain your Right-Life-Partner (RLP) for the rest of your life.

Pre-Marital Coaching

We help Christian couples who are contemplating marriage but are experiencing premarital anxiety and uncertainty, to feel confident that they have chosen the Right-Life-Partner without having to take enormous time reading books, watching videos, and listening to marriage horror stories, in as little as 8 weeks, or less.

It’s a 4-Step Program

STEP - 1


STEP - 2


STEP - 3


STEP - 4


Follow the Steps

After receiving insightful feedback from your personalized SYMBIS™ assessment, just follow my step-by-step “Right-Life-Partner” system and you will acquire marital success skills, experience, and the personal and couple confidence you need for a great start in your new marriage. The best part is, it’s simple and only takes 8 easy weeks to complete. Let us help you build the marriage you deserve. Contact us today for your FREE One Hour Pre-Marital Consultation.


No more fear and indecision
No more unresolved conflict
No more discourteous communication

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